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Nine Tail Fox Necklace

Nine Tail Fox Necklace

I created this stunning magical piece by bead weaving gold coated Japanese glass beads around a carved Labradorite. I finished the back with Ultrasuede and added 14kt gf findings. The chain is a 14kt gf paper clip chain, is an adjustable 18” and is finished with a faceted labradorite.

🦊Nine-Tailed Fox Meaning in Feng Shui:

In feng shui the nine-tailed fox is seen as a good omen.

Most especially this feng shui symbol represents love.

Because of the nine-tailed fox's ability to seduce men, it is seen as a potent love charm.

If you are single and looking for love, wearing a nine-tailed fox pendant can help you attract your soulmate.

You may also place a figurine of the nine-tailed fox in the relationship area of your home or wear on your heart chakra to bring more love into your life.

Aside from attracting love, the nine-tailed fox is also a good luck charm for wealth.

Carrying its symbol can help bring more abundance into your life.

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