Crimson Rose

Crimson Rose

I crystallized a large 3 1/2” deep red silk rose in my signature style, using natural methods(no chemicals) and lacquered it for resilience and protection from dust and dander.  It is mounted on a foam board, covered with burlap textured cream linen, and inset into an antique finished shadow box. Dimensions are 9.5”x6”.

*Sometimes there will be some crystals shed during the packing/shipping process but don’t worry, it’s normal!! Once you unpack and unwrap, tip your shadow box upside down(over something that will collect any crystals to discard)while you hold your flower gently and shake out any materials that did not fully adhere to the silk. Now your flower is ready for display.

**this item is specially packed and shipped so a fee for the extra shipping is included in the price.

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    big thanks to Keri Cooper Photography and my beautiful models